Vandenbrand Group presently has close to 1,5 million new and used parts of older and classic Mercedes-Benz cars in stock. During the last 33 years we have acquired large quantities of older and expired model parts from Mercedes-Benz dealerships, e.g. we purchased the entire stock of the Daimler-Benz Brussels and Utrecht warehouses. Used parts from dismantled cars are thoroughly scrutinized to meet our rigorous quality standards. Mercedes-Benz dealerships from all over the world access our stocks, illustrating the fact that the whole range of parts we have in stock, new and used, meets all quality standards set by Daimler-Benz AG. By stocking used parts we can meet demand for even the rarest parts at affordable prices. In doing so we ensure all parts are of original manufacture. You can contact us on phone nr. +31 413 750 400 or through the “Easy Order” button on the website.